Priorities & Programmes

Priorities & Programmes

Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy for Nottingham City (April 2022 – March 2025)

Our vision is to ensure that every person in Nottingham has access to the care and support they need to live a happy and healthy life, regardless of their background, circumstances or where they live in the city.

Our seven programmes have been informed using local data and intelligence, including the views of people with lived experience and are areas we know we can do things differently to make a tangible difference to the health and wellbeing of Nottingham’s residents, by working together in partnership.

In agreement with the Nottingham City Health and Wellbeing Board, the PBP has been made responsible for overseeing the delivery of the Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy – the four priorities in the strategy make up our seven programmes of work.

Read the Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy (JHWS) 2022-2025 here.

The four JHWS programmes of work are: 

The JHWS programmes are underpinned by two cross-cutting programmes. These ensure that mental health is given the same consideration as physical health in the delivery of each of the above workstreams, as well as each programme considering the race health inequalities experienced in Nottingham’s diverse communities. These are:

In addition to the programs supporting the delivery of the JHWS, we also have a programme focused on:

All of our programmes report progress into our Programme Oversight Group which is supported by our Executive Group. We provide assurance to our Health and Wellbeing Board on the delivery of the strategy which in turn updates NHS Nottingham and Nottinghamshire on the progress.

Other programmes of work

The Nottingham City Place-Based Partnership is part of the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities, Changing Futures programme. Changing Futures Nottingham is key part of our Severe Multiple Disadvantage programme, working to deliver sustainable improvements in how public and voluntary sector services work together to improve the lives of people experiencing SMD – a combination of at least three of five co-occurring experiences of homelessness, mental ill-health, substance misuse, domestic abuse, and contact with the criminal justice system.

Many people experiencing SMD have been caught in their situation for years, experiencing entrenched disadvantage, trauma and ill-health. They often come into repeated contact with reactive and emergency response services without receiving the joined-up support they need to help them break the cycle.

Our programme aims to change this. Our goal is to work with partners to transform the way public services in Nottingham work together around SMD, coordinating efforts and resources to collectively ‘own’ people’s outcomes.

Please click here to watch a presentation introducing our programme.

For more information visit the Changing Futures Nottingham website here.

Executive Led Programmes

In addition to the programmes focused on improving health outcomes for Nottingham city citizens, leaders of the PBP are developing a series of Executive Led programmes.

The Nottingham City PBP is part of the Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Integrated Care System (ICS).

We will work together to create happier, healthier communities
and reduce the gap in healthy life expectancy across
Nottingham city.

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