Executive Led Programmes

Executive Led Programmes

Executive Led Programmes

In addition to the programmes focused on improving health outcomes for Nottingham city citizens, leaders of the PBP are developing a series of Executive Led programmes that aim to create better partnership working across the city. Each programme is directed by leaders across partner organisations.

Our Executive Team are leading a set of programmes that aim to create the conditions for integrated work to happen more easily in Nottingham. We have 6 programmes led in partnership between members of our Executive Team. These are:

integrated neighbourhood model of support

A programme focused on developing integrated neighbourhood support structures (including integrated neighbourhood teams) that work around people in communities, where people are better able support for their health and wellbeing, where they live. Through community assets, PBP partners have the opportunity to create ‘system-owned’ spaces shared between partners and the local population, who are empowered to support the wellbeing of people in their communities, outside of when there is a need for targeted support.

community empowerment

Working to empower communities to move from public sector led services to an environment where communities are empowered to make the changes themselves based on what matters – where local projects and initiatives are led by people in communities and partnership organisations, as outside agencies, play a supporting role.

primary & Secondary care interface

Breaking down traditional barriers that prevent primary and secondary care to work more closely together and in doing so have an opportunity to ease pressures on both primary and secondary care and take actions/decisions together that can better meet people’s needs. By working more collaboratively partners have begun to develop a better understanding of each-others environments, how respective actions impact on each other leading to collaboratively designing solutions that can benefit staff and patients.

workforce development

Exploring opportunities for how the collective workforce for health and care across a local place can be better deployed and supported to best meet the needs of people receiving care, especially where there are multiple needs. Through the PBP we are supporting frontline staff to understand and connect with partner organisations, generating new and different ways of working.

social value action

Working together to establish a shared set of social value actions that can positively impact quality of life, long-term wellbeing and the resilience of individuals, communities and society. Nottingham City PBP partners are in a unique position to deliver social value initiatives that have a positive impact on the wider determinants of health.

data informed PBP

Through the PBP, there is the opportunity to bring together data and insights from across the partnership that build a rounded picture of both the needs of different communities at a very local, granular level, as well as collective service activity that provides a shared understanding of demand across partner services. Unlocking the power of data across the PBP will provide the partnership with ‘one version of the truth’ providing leaders with a shared understanding of the challenges facing communities, their partner organisations and the partnership as a whole.

The Executive Team

Mel Barrett – PBP Lead and Chief Executive, Nottingham City Council
Rich Brady – PBP Programme Director
Husein Mawji – PBP Clinical Director
Michelle Tilling – Locality Director, Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Integrated Care Board
Lucy Dadge – Director of Integration, Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Integrated Care Board
Lucy Hubber – Director of Public Health, Nottingham City Council

Sara Storey – Director of Adult Health and Social Care, Nottingham City Council

Tim Guyler – Assistant Chief Executive, Nottingham University Hospitals
Lou Bainbridge – Chief Executive, Nottingham CityCare
Jan Sensier – Executive Director of Partnerships and Strategy, Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
Jules Sebelin – Chief Executive, Nottingham Community Voluntary Service
Apollos Clifton-Brown – Director of Health and Social Care, Framework Housing Association
Mike Crowe – PCN Clinical Director, Bestwood & Sherwood

The Nottingham City PBP is part of the Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Integrated Care System (ICS).

We will work together to create happier, healthier communities
and reduce the gap in healthy life expectancy across
Nottingham city.

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