Race Health Inequalities

Race Health Inequalities

The Nottingham City Place Based Partnership has a clear priority target to reduce health inequality amongst the Black Asian Minority Ethnic (BAME) community – hence the formation of the Race Health Inequalities Group made up of health practitioners, voluntary and community representatives. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, the scale of health inequality across the city has become even more prominent.

It is important that those who are most marginalised and discriminated have fair and equal access to health services and consequently reduce the health inequalities affecting our diverse communities. Whatever we can do to alleviate this is critical to ensure that the quality of health for the BAME community is positively addressed. This programme with a co-design and co-production approach seeks to address poor health outcomes for BAME communities.

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The Race Health Equalities Group provides a space for representatives from diverse communities and health practitioners to dialogue and co-develop solutions to address health inequalities. 

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The group has taken the learning from the Covid pandemic for a more inclusive and collaborative approach for addressing health inequalities with the lived experience of communities at the centre of decision making.

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A maturity matrix self-assessment tool has been developed to help have those difficult conversations on race health inequality. 

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The group is leading the implementation of the matrix across the PBP Partnership and is endorsed by the PBP Executive Team.

How will we know we have made a difference?

  • We have a measurable number of organizations and services that use the maturity matrix for assessment purposes
  • We have documented action plans as a result of the matrix use which are translated into service, local and system change
  • There is marked improvement in the involvement of BAME communities in the commissioning process and equitable outcomes

You can find out more about how we are combating racial health inequality by reading our Q&A with our programme lead Clive Foster Qu:

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The Nottingham City PBP is part of the Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Integrated Care System (ICS).

We will work together to create happier, healthier communities
and reduce the gap in healthy life expectancy across
Nottingham city.

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