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Local Routes to Change: Racial Health Inequalities in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire

As a Place-Based Partnership, we’re committed to addressing inequalities and ensuring equitable access to healthcare for all. Partners working as part of our Race Health Inequalities Programmes have been working to address health disparities in Nottingham city, bringing together professionals from the NHS, local government, voluntary sector and community leaders.

Over the past three years, the team have been working to tackle inequalities in health outcomes experienced by minority ethnic communities – a priority that’s importance was further propelled by the disproportionate impact  the COVID-19 pandemic had on minority ethnic communities and increased amplification and awareness of systemic racism, as a result of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Since the programme’s inception the group has successfully led and advised on a range of initiatives, including the development of vaccination centres in faith-based community settings, the roll out of community-based initiatives that have targeted health and wellbeing support to diverse communities, as well as providing advice and support Ockenden’s independent review of maternity services at Nottingham University Hospitals.

The Race Health Inequalities Maturity Matrix developed under the stewardship of the programme is helping organisations across Nottingham and Nottinghamshire to improve their cultural competence and responsiveness and address structures and processes that can exacerbate inequalities. This work has received national recognition but signifiesy just the beginning of our work.

The Race Health Inequalities Report, ‘Local Routes to Change’ is a culmination of the voices of people who attended Nottingham’s first ever Race Health Inequalities Summit in May 2023 and the community workshops that followed. It acts as a call to action for what is needed next to address health inequalities experienced in maternity care and mental healthcare but also the focus that is needed to tackle systemic issues which prevent minority ethnic communities from experiencing more equitable health outcomes.

The report identifies that there is more to be done to creating positive change. With collective action and strong leadership, lasting change is possible. We can create a healthier, more equitable future for all.

Read the full Race Health Inequalities Report.

Race Health Inequalities Report – accessible version.