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joannewakefield March 6, 2023

Fuel Poverty Project

The Fuel Poverty Project (FPP) is provided by Mid Motts ICP – PICS social prescribers and Climate change and Fuel Poverty charity Nottingham Energy Partnership (NEP).

The project aims to contact patients at risk of cold related harm and who are likely to be eligible for free or subsidised domestic retrofit measures including home insulation, low carbon heating and renewable energy to cut energy demand and household energy bills.

A controlled intelligent screening programme matching eligible candidates at most risk, with phone consultations with Primary Care Network (PCN) link workers and Care Navigators ensures a secure workflow to NEP.

From 6th December to 20th January 2023

  • Total forecast savings for clients of £139,567.00
  • Received 115 referrals from the PCN during this reporting period
  • Supported 50% (58 clients) of households referred
  • 117 measures/services in progress or completed

Clients supported

The 58 households that we successfully engaged with have been registered for a total of 185 services/measures. This equates to a level of support of 3 services per household which is a good reflection of NEP’s delivery model of ensuring that a multi-referral process is employed as well as the effectiveness of the screening process completed by the PCN.

FPP is officially only operating in in Ashfield and Newark and Sherwood, however a few referrals have been received from other areas that are keen to replicate the project.