timbrudenellstraw December 15, 2023

Would you recognise the signs of gambling harm?

Gambling can harm physical and mental health, damage relationships and leave people feeling lonely and isolated. It can also cause problems with employment, education, housing and lead to serious debt. 

Gambling-related harm is under-recognised and often hidden. Many people being harmed by gambling don’t recognise the issues it’s causing. When people do recognise they may have a problem, it can hard to talk about it or to reach out for help because of guilt, shame or worry.  

The two aims of the Nottingham City gambling related harm campaign, which launched in October, came out of two important things that local people told us:

  1. The need to increase awareness of gambling related harms
  2. The need to increase access to information, advice and support services

The campaign therefore highlights the risks and impacts of gambling and aims to raise awareness of:

  • The different types of gambling related harm (financial, social, mental health, employment etc.)
  • The different types of gambling activity
  • How to recognise when you or someone you know is at risk of gambling harm
  • Where to go to get support for yourself or someone you know

A mixture of promotional channels are being used to share the key campaign messages, including tram stops, bus advertising, and city information points. This is supported by social media, press releases, printed materials e.g. leaflets, and a digital partner toolkit.

For partners, we are pleased to share with you the campaign toolkit, which includes digital resources, assets, and copy to help you use and share the key campaign messages across your own networks.

If you notice that you, or someone you know, is feeling stressed, anxious or isolated, or are thinking about gambling a lot of the time, it could be a sign of gambling harm. To learn more, and to find out about free advice and treatment services available in Nottingham, visit: www.asklion.co.uk/gamblingsupport