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juliecuthbert December 21, 2023

Organisation leaders commit to joint working

The leaders of health, care, local authority, voluntary and community sector organisations have signed up to work together for the benefit of Nottingham and Nottinghamshire people.

A wide range of organisations have signed the ‘Integrated Care System Partnership Agreement’ which pledges a commitment to work together with a shared purpose of ‘every person enjoying their best possible health and wellbeing’.

Dr Kathy McLean, Chair of the Integrated Care Partnership, said: “We know that good health and wellbeing is of immense importance to everyone. We recognise that each person’s health doesn’t begin and end with single   organisations. Health may be affected by many different things, such as the quality of housing, job or training prospects or access to healthy food. This Partnership Agreement signals that organisations are committed to working and planning together across organisational boundaries to make changes which can support individuals to reach the goal of ‘every person enjoying their best possible health and wellbeing’.

“Leaders have also pledged to listen to the experience and aspirations of local people and communities and act on these together. Having this collective commitment will ultimately help to improve the health and wellbeing of our local people.”

The full list of organisations and signatures can be viewed on the Integrated Care System Partnership Agreement.