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Ginger Root January 30, 2020

North Nottinghamshire Muslim Welfare Association (NNMWA) urges people to protect themselves and loved ones by getting the injectable flu vaccine

The management committee of the North Nottinghamshire Muslim Welfare Association (NNMWA) is asking people in their communities to consider getting the free flu jab to protect themselves and neighbours.

Every year flu causes serious illness and even death. The strain of flu alters every winter which is why people are urged to get vaccinated every year. It is available for those over 65, those under 65 with long term conditions and pregnant women.

The management committee from North Nottinghamshire Muslim Welfare Association (NNMWA) said: “We are treating more people for flu in hospital already as the flu season has arrived earlier than expected.

“That’s why we’d ask adults to get their injectable flu vaccine at their local GP practice and help protect themselves and their communities.”

People should contact their GP if they qualify for a free flu jab. Even if they are not eligible for a free vaccination they can still book a flu jab at some local chemists or supermarkets for a small charge.


If you have any queries about this please contact Kerry Beadling-Barron, Director of Communications and Engagement at Mid-Nottinghamshire ICP on Kerry.beadling-barron@nhs.net