A graphic with the Alzheimer's society. Text says Asking the same question over and over again, over and over again, over and over again... It's not called getting old, it'd called getting ill.
Rachel April 27, 2023

Dementia Care Webinar – Shaping the future

Wednesday 17 May 1-2pm

Join us on MS Teams for a look at Dementia Care now and in the future.
We will be joined by Dr Jill Langridge, GP, Dr Ola Junaid, Psychiatrist, Dr Aamer Ali, Geriatrician and Tom Carter from the Alzheimer’s Society to discuss:

  • Diagnosis, evidence based interventions and care for the future
  • Young onset dementia, coexisting mental health and future medications
  • Innovative work in the system, alongside resources and support services.

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