timbrudenellstraw February 28, 2023

Changing Futures Workforce Forum

As part of the Changing Futures programme, a Workforce Forum has been set up to support any/all front-line staff who work with people experiencing Severe Multiple Disadvantage (SMD) in Nottingham City. The Forum is facilitated by a clinical psychologist and supported by the Practice Development Unit (PDU). 

The purpose of the Forum is to enable staff from different organisations to learn from, and share experiences with, each other to improve how they work with people who experience SMD. The sessions presents an opportunity to talk through situations and problem solve as a group as well as helping each other to find practical solutions to issues raised. The ethos focusses on learning, development and support for each other in a positive non-judgemental environment. 

The sessions run regularly and anyone working on the front line with people experiencing SMD are welcome to attend. The next forum meeting is:  

Wednesday 29th March, 1 – 3pm

The Congregational Federation, 8 Castle Gate, Nottingham, NG1 7AS 

For more information, please contact iain.ross@frameworkha.org