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Nottingham City Integrated Care Partnership (ICP)

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The Nottingham City ICP will bring together health and care providers and local commissioners to work together to improve services for our population, and to make sure that they are sustainable.

The City of Nottingham is a unique place that merits a special focus on the health of its citizens. We know that we have many challenges in Nottingham that we can only address by the organisations that can have an impact on people’s lives really working together. We have some of the most pressing health issues in the country and, on top of this, the inequalities between our healthiest neighbourhoods and our unhealthiest are stark. We also know however that we have huge strengths to build on and with which to tackle these, not least the uniqueness of Nottingham City as a place and the rich diversity of our population.

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Our membership will be broad.
We know that it needs to be to address the health and wellbeing challenges in the City, particularly reducing health inequalities.

We need to bring together all the organisations, groups and networks that can have an impact on health.

That is why our ICP will include contributions from housing, pharmacies, the voluntary sector, fire service, schools and more.

Currently, the membership includes:

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The Nottingham City ICP Board is part of the Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Integrated Care System (ICS).