Ashfield North (draft)

Ashfield North (draft)

Ashfield North (draft)

You can now make appointments with health and wellbeing specialists who provide new services close to where you live. Scroll down to find out about the new services in Ashfield North Primary Care Network, GP surgeries in the area, and details of the Clinical Director.

You need to be registered with an NHS General Practice surgery to access these services. It’s now simple to find your local GP and register. You do not need identification or a permanent place to live: Find a GP local to you first – NHS (

What is Ashfield North Primary Care Network?

These new services are provided by the Ashfield North Primary Care Network. It is a group of local community healthcare professionals including GPs, Practice Managers, Administrators and Pharmacists. A Clinical Director is elected by members of the Network and is responsible for the services being safe and effective. They work together to design local services to support residents to be healthy, independent and connected with the community.

Ashfield North Primary Care Network is also part of a wider partnership across Mid Nottinghamshire with Mansfield, Newark and Sherwood. They join up with hospitals, councils, charities and voluntary or self help groups. Their shared aim is to enable residents to live well.

Your new services in Ashfield North

Clinical Pharmacists

Review your medicines, discuss, agree and make changes to your prescriptions, and provide advice about medicines and possible side effects.

A local Clinical Pharmacist explains how they help improve health and wellbeing

Pharmacy Technicians

Show you how to use your medicines, support Clinical Pharmacists to review your existing medication, and enable you to make healthy lifestyle choices.

A local Pharmacy Technician explains how they help improve health and wellbeing

Physiotherapists and Musculoskeletal First Contact Practitioners

Diagnose and treat muscular and joint conditions, provide advice on how to manage your condition, and make referrals on to specialist services.

A local Advanced Physiotherapist explains how they help improve health and wellbeing

Mental Health Therapists and Practitioners

Assess your mental health and wellbeing, provide advice and support to manage and live well, and connect you to appropriate services and community resources.

A local Mental Health Practitioner explains how they help improve health and wellbeing

Physician Associates

Diagnose and treat certain health conditions, arrange tests and analyse results, and perform physical examinations.

A local Physician Associate explains how they help improve health and wellbeing

Occupational Therapists

Provide rehabilitation for you to stay well at home, empower you to make improvements in your day-to-day life, and support you to take control of your health and wellbeing.

A local Physician Associate explains how they help improve health and wellbeing

The NHS is changing

Dr Paul Scullard, a GP working in Eastwood, Nottinghamshire, explains what Primary Care Networks are and why the NHS is investing more into primary and community care.

Dr Vibhore Prasad

Hi, I am Dr Vibhore Prasad, clinical director of Ashfield North Primary Care Network. I have been a GP partner in the area since 2019. Alongside my GP career, I have been doing research at University level. I completed my PhD at the University of Nottingham studying the risk of injuries to young people with mental health disorders in primary care. I grew up in the mining communities of West Yorkshire amongst communities with similar challenges to Ashfield North. I aim to improve the health of our population in every way possible along with the whole PCN team.

I have worked at local, national and international levels to represent the importance of excellent primary care and have been awarded Fellowship of the Royal College of General Practitioners (FRCGP). Excellent care, teaching, research and close links with the community are essential for the work that we do. We aim to reduce distress, increase wellbeing and enable active, healthy lives for the people of Ashfield North.

Clinical Director: Dr Vibhore Prasad PhD FRCGP SFHEA

The Mid-Nottinghamshire PBP Forum is part of the Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Integrated Care Board (ICB).

We will work together to create happier, healthier communities
and reduce the gap in healthy life expectancy across
Mansfield, Ashfield, Newark and Sherwood.

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