Ginger Root February 4, 2021

Blog 15- Recovery of self and teams

Dr Sonali Kinra is our ICS lead for GP Retention. This is her monthly blog series where she gives an insight into her role and more.

My last blog was 2 months ago. Not because there was nothing to update on  workforce  but every waking moment seem consumed by  Covid  Vaccination programme. With the Pfizer Vaccine gaining MHRA approval on 7th  of December 2020 to just passing 10million mark of  Covid  vaccine being administered- it’s been quite a roller coaster. Thank you to everyone who continues to play a part in the roll out of the vaccination programme  as well as core general practice- those in frontline and those behind the scenes. If any  frontline health or social care worker  have not received their first  Covid  vaccine dose yet please  book thru link  here.  

Both  Phoenix Programme  and  Nottinghamshire Alliance of training hub(NATH) have been busy over the last 2 months in delivery of retention initiatives.    

For the  Trailblazer fellowship  scheme  successfully recruited 5 new GPs  in  Nottinghamshire  practice with high deprivation index  and the fellows are busy deciding on their project of work and action learning sets-  you can find out more about  Deepend  GP project  by  contacting Phoenix programme  and    if interested in health inequalities listen to  Fairhealth  podcast  and check out the website too  .  For all the GP Trainee in Nottingham and Mansfield training scheme approaching the end of your  training please get in touch with Phoenix programme  &  enrol on the  New to Practice Scheme– a scheme that helps  with smooth transition from  AiT  to independent practice.  

The  Return to Work GP Survival Series  begin on 10th  February aims to provide a four session programme packed full of top tips to get back into your role during COVID  and help you make General Practice sustainable for the long term.  Those on maternity leave,  each session starts with a  30 minute  baby class which will roll into the main ‘GP Survival Session’.  

In my last blog I mentioned about  Mid Career  PCN  fellowship(1 fellow per PCN for 1 session/week)-   PCNs/practices/CDs will be invited to input into the design of their fellowship for innovative projects that would benefit their local population.  Please register your interest with  Phoenix programme  while they conduct local engagement with formal roll out of programme in April.  

NATH has been leading on Multi professional supervision programme  for pharmacist  and engagement with 3 ICPs.  Events also available to book through  Eventbrite  for NMC supervisor preparation and assessor training.  NATH coordinates student placement as well CPD funding available for nurses and AHP- If you have identified a learning need then please  get in touch.  Further details available soon on  coaching and  personal  resilience programmes for wider workforce  including nurses, PM and AHP.    Anna Davis  has set up  General practice nursing forum- please  contact  if you wish to join in. Our aim is to have 1  GPN  lead nurse for each PCN.  

Care4Notts website  is the new Nottinghamshire ICS Careers Academy Representing Everyone across health & social care for Nottinghamshire. This will be the system’s ‘one stop shop’ for work experience, careers advice and apprenticeships for people wanting to join the health and care sector  

We will be hosting  Next generation GP  2021  programme for East Midlands– collaborative programme with    Derbyshire  General practice taskforce, Lincolnshire training hub and Leicestershire  LMC.  

The  Independent Review into Gender Pay gap  in medicine in England, chaired by Dame Jane Acre and published in December 2020, identified a pay gap of 24.4% for hospital doctors, 33.5% for GPs and 21.4% for clinical academics. There is much work on this to do nationally alongside terms and conditions  for all employees but locally we  must  build these into our discussions too.  On Monday 8 March,  Prerana  Issar, NHS Chief People Officer and Samantha Allen, chair of the NHS  Confederation’s Health & Care Women Leaders Network, will co-host a  virtual celebration  to mark International Women’s Day(IWD)  2021.  #EverydayCourage  

I had the opportunity to meet with the 3 federations to discuss about Local people Plan from primary care perspective and they have been extended an invite to  system wide  HR and OD collaborative meeting- to provide input from the primary care providers- more on this later.  

Recording of locally held  Islam Awareness month  is now available – we did not have an opportunity to hold a history month in the last 2 months but we are now building a calendar for the events to follow over a period of next 3 months raising awareness on LGBTQ+   IWD and Disability- get involved!  

Job advert is now out for 2 co- leads and 1 senior administrative lead for Nottingham Primary care Racial Equity and diversity group. Closing date is 19th  February-  find information  here  if you wish to find out more then-  feel free to contact me  if needed  

Individual coaching support  is available  for  all staff delivering frontline primary care services to maintain their psychological wellbeing during this time, offload the demands of whatever you are experiencing and be supported in developing practical strategies for dealing with this.  There is also a   new  #LookingAfterYourTeam”¯service will create an opportunity for”¯individuals who lead, manage or organise teams, groups, services or networks, to access coaching about their team. Coaching support is centred around compassionate and collaborative team leadership.    

Also recommend this article by Michael West  and Suzie Bailey-  Recovery and then renewal– as we look  to address the huge backlog of non  Covid  Work, but first provide the space and support to heal.    

To all those celebrating Chinese New Year 12th  February – Year of the Ox – best wishes to you and your loved ones.  

As always