Ginger Root March 11, 2022

Winter Wellbeing campaign


The Wellbeing campaign has been launched in the city (February 2022) with positive and motivating messages to support citizens in the city to improve their own health. The campaign will show the public the simple steps they can take to help them feel better and have better health outcomes.


  • Reduce the isolation that citizens experience
  • Increase citizen’s wellbeing and health outcomes
  • Increase the number of vaccinations in the city population
  • Raise awareness of the services available to citizens, and reduce reliance on the Emergency Department in hospitals


  • Produce of toolbox of assets for use across the city and partner channels
  • Provide GP practices, PCNs, Dentistry, Pharma and Opticians with a suite of assets so they can engage with patients, including email, website assets, and literature
  • Increase awareness of the health and wellbeing resources to enable citizens to improve their health outcomes
  • Work closely with partner organisations to help citizens improve their health


So far we have booked the following locations for artwork:

  • Tram stops x 14 – with your guide to health services artwork (see below)
  • Tesco digital screen – Bulwell – 14 wellbeing artworks
  • Tesco digital screen – Top Valley – 14 wellbeing artworks

Please find a link to a presentation of artwork produced: HERE

Moving forward

Assets will be repurposed for a continued Wellbeing campaign across the year.

A briefing document will be sent to all partners, including GPs, opticians, dentists and pharmacies, along with a toolbox of assets that can be used on their website, email signature, newsletter snippet, plasma screens and literature.