Travel Well
timbrudenellstraw January 11, 2024

Travel Well

We are delighted to be supporting Travel Well, the new initiative aiming to get city residents walking and cycling more.

With an active lifestyle having a massive impact on both mental and physical wellbeing, Nottingham City Council’s Travel Well project aims to help support people to build activity into their daily lives for lasting healthy changes.

As part of a national trial, Nottingham is one of 11 areas where it has been identified that people switching to more active lifestyles can make a real difference. The trial will give healthcare professionals and social prescribers the ability to refer patients to services that promote walking, cycling and wheeling delivered within the community.

The aim is to support people to become more active, manage mental and physical wellbeing, manage long-term health conditions or address social isolation.

The project will take place around Aspley, Beechdale, Bilborough, Bulwell, Sneinton, St Ann’s and Strelley.