dorayemm April 26, 2024

Introducing the Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Public and Patient Insights Hub

We have just launched a new “Insights Hub” as a place for all system partners to come together, share insights, and search for information.

The Hub’s main purpose is to host engagement and insight reports from health, care, voluntary, statutory, and social enterprise organisations. But it also acts a catch all for other information, including local newsletters, census data, case studies, and interactive resources.

System partners can reduce duplication of engagement work locally by using the hub. Using existing reports to guide new engagement projects will ensure work fills gaps in knowledge and builds on intelligence, instead of asking the same questions and repeating what we already know.

All members can submit reports and resources to share on the Hub easily, meaning system partners have access to all the latest system-wide engagement insights.

The Insights Hub is hosted on the FutureNHS platform, and joining is simple – you can request to sign up using the Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Insights Hub sign up form. Shortly after filling out the form, you will receive an email containing all the instructions needed to register on FutureNHS. If you are waiting more than a week for an invitation email, please email us at

For those who are already a member of FutureNHS, request to join the Hub directly from the following link, Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Insights Hub.

Development of the Insights Hub will be an ongoing process, with new helpful features launching over time. We welcome partners to bring suggestions that could benefit the platform to us at or to share them in the discussion forum hosted within the Hub.