antonia January 17, 2024

Support to stay well

Alongside our colleagues in Nottingham City Place-Based Partnership, we have produced a winter leaflet, which will be shared across all our partner organisations. The leaflet has helpful advice to stay well this winter and lots of information about additional local support available. You can Download the leaflet here or see the full information below.

You can also download the NHS England guide.

Stay warm

Heat your house, or even the room you are in, to at least 18 degrees. Evidence suggests this is better for heart and lung health, sleep and general health.

Eat well

To stay well, it’s important you eat a balanced, nutritious diet. Nottinghamshire Good Food can advise on healthy, affordable food: County Enterprise Foods deliver healthy meals from local suppliers. or call: 01623 490015

Nottingham City Council provide Meals at Home to residents across the city or call: 0115 8761847

Keep active

Exercise can boost your mind and body and helps to protect your immune system. Just 30 minutes a day can help you stay strong and independent, even moving regularly helps you stay more steady.

Be prepared

  • Stay connected, keep in touch with family and friends
  • Keep a list of emergency contacts
  • Top up your first aid kit and store cupboard items

Get vaccinated! If you are at greater risk of complications from flu and Covid-19 it’s important to get vaccinated (over 65 you also get a pneumonia jab). Speak to your GP surgery or local pharmacy for more information. The shingles vaccine is recommended for people at higher risk from shingles, including all adults over 65 and those aged 50 and over with a severely weakened immune system.

There is advice for families, information on warm spaces, social eating, low-cost food and exercise activity on AskLion:

Your Health Notts provide support to get you more active, eat healthier, manage your weight, drink less alcohol and stop smoking. 0115 772 2515

Nottinghamshire Carers Hub provides free, confidential and personalised information and support for unpaid carers. For information, go to: or call: 0808 802 1777    

NHS support

For help finding the right NHS service for you go to: Choosing the right service | NUH

Nottinghamshire County Council support

The council has produced a ‘Winter Wise’ booklet with tips on how to stay well and get help if you need it this winter. It also has dedicated hub for information on adult social care and support services. You can find out more here: For information on services, support, activities, groups and events in Notts:

Local council support

Councils across Nottingham and Nottinghamshire offer a wide range of services to support local people during winter, from benefits, home energy advice and investigating complaints about poor housing to keeping active in local leisure centres. To find out more contact your local council directly:

Voluntary services support

Voluntary services support vulnerable people to thrive in their community, provide support to voluntary and community groups and help people to volunteer.

  • Newark and Sherwood Community & Voluntary Service (CVS) supports groups in Gedling. Go to: or call: 01636 679539
  • Rushcliffe CVS supports people in Rushcliffe and Broxtowe (and delivers transport and befriending in Gedling). Go to: or call: 0115 969 9060 

Looking after your home

Age UK provide energy saving tips, information and signposting if you are aged 50+. They can also maximise your income through benefit checks and fit free energy saving devices. Email or call: 0115 8599209

Nottingham Energy Partnership provide support with insulation and heating improvements, plus advice on available grants. For more information, go to: or call: 0115 985 9057