Nottingham City Place Based Partnership - Share and Learn Series
Ginger Root May 30, 2022

Nottingham City Place-Based Partnership (PBP) Share and Learn series of webinars 2022

We are running a series of ‘Share and Learn’ sessions so all our partners can find out more about our key workstreams and get a better understanding of the work going on in the Nottingham City PBP.

The aim of the sessions are:

  • to understand what the PBP is and our ambition
  • to develop a greater understanding of the organisations and services who make up our partnership
  • to share our knowledge and skills across our partnership 
  • to continue to build effective relationships to allow us to work closely together today and in the future.

The sessions will run for 30 minutes split between a 20-minute presentation followed by a 10-minute Q&A session.

Find out more about the series of Share and Learn series:

Learn more about the New Health and Wellbeing Strategy
Watch the webinar HERE

Learn about our New Changing Futures programme
Watch the webinar HERE

Learn about our Care Leavers programme of work
Watch the webinar HERE

Learn about best practice in the Voluntary Sector
Watch the webinar HERE

Learn about the Community Transformation programme in Bulwell and Top Valley
20 October at 1pm. Join HERE on the day (don’t forget to save this link for later in your calendar!).

Share and Learn Series: 2021/22

Our ICP and our priorities as we move forward
watch the webinar

A focus on population health management data and what that means for us
watch the webinar

Our approach to increasing Flu vaccine uptake across our ICP
watch the webinar

An update on our work in reducing Health inequalities in our BAME communities
watch the webinar