Lung Health Checks coming to Bassetlaw
victoriaslack2 June 1, 2022

Lung Health Checks coming to Bassetlaw

From August, mobile scanners will make their way to Bassetlaw in a bid to help detect lung cancer early, as well as identify other health conditions such as lung disease.

Sandra believes going for a scan almost certainly saved her life after it picked up cancer which would have otherwise gone undetected.

“Please, please don’t hesitate, just go and have it done,” she said.

“For me the scan led to a diagnosis of cancer, then an operation on my lung during which the cancer was completely removed. I’m a very, very lucky lady but if it hadn’t been for the scan, it could be a very different story.”

Almost 17,000 people across the district will be encouraged to take up the invitation to visit a mobile scanner for a lung health check.

NHS organisations in Bassetlaw, Alliance Medical and Ashfield Engage (part of UDG Healthcare Plc, will provide the Lung Health Check service.

Bassetlaw has been chosen to implement Lung Health Checks due to the number of people in the area that have ever smoked.

The Lung Health Check Programme will help improve earlier detection and treatment for people who are experiencing lung-related problems, including cancer. Earlier detection can significantly reduce the number of people dying from lung cancer by about 26 per cent in men and 40 per cent in women.

Dr Kumar, local GP and Cancer Clinical Lead, NHS Bassetlaw Clinical Commissioning Group said: “The Bassetlaw Lung Health Check programme is a new, innovative way to help the earlier detection of lung disease, including cancer.

“Early detection not only allows earlier treatment and support for people, but also helps to improve their long term health outcomes. As a local GP, I would encourage all eligible patients to take up the offer.”

Ashfield Engage will liaise with local practices ahead of roll out across Bassetlaw to identify all patients that are eligible. This includes those aged 55 to 74, who have ever smoked.

An invitation letter will be sent to all eligible patients, with details about their free Lung Health Check.  Initial contact with patients will be by phone with patients offered a low dose CT scan at a mobile unit if further investigation is required.

Dr Jason Page, Clinical Director for the Doncaster and Bassetlaw Lung Health Check programme said: “I am delighted we are now able to roll-out this fantastic programme for eligible patients in Bassetlaw. Cancer is a very sensitive and personal issue, and we know many people find it a difficult subject to talk about. This new programme is designed to help detect lung cancer earlier as well as other health conditions such as lung problems.

“If you receive an invite letter in the coming weeks, please don’t ignore it; read the local information booklet and take up the opportunity for a free lung health check”

Dr Trish Fisher, Clinical Director of the South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw Integrated Care System Cancer Alliance and a Consultant Oncologist with a lung cancer practice, said: “Whilst the saying ‘Prevention is better than cure’ is true of many cancers including lung cancer, sadly this isn’t always possible. Therefore early detection is essential to give the best outcomes and experiences for those affected – with modern developments in both surgery and radiotherapy many more people can be safely treated and experience fewer side effects from their treatment than they might expect.

“The Lung Health Check Programme in Bassetlaw is something we very much welcome for our region. We will continue to support this important piece of work and as the scheme develops, we will look to roll it out across the region in line with the national direction of travel.”

A targeted campaign will launch in the coming weeks, encouraging eligible patients to book a Lung Health Check appointment.

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