Text says "Meet the Race Health Inequality Leads"
timbrudenellstraw April 22, 2024

Introducing the new Race Health Inequality Leads!

We can now share the appointment of our three new Race Health Inequality programme leads – Patricia Hughes, Manisha Sheth, and Annie Alleyne. Together, they will work towards the goal of reducing the health inequalities experienced by minority ethnic communities in Nottingham city.

They will continue the fine work of Clive Foster and Donna Sherratt, who have stepped down from their leadership roles after three incredible years. Under their leadership, the programme has helped bring partners and community representatives together to develop thriving programmes that delivering positive change in the community. This includes the nationally-recognised Maturity Matrix.

While we are sad to be saying goodbye to Clive and Donna as leads, they will continue to be involved in the programme. We excited to see how the programme will develop under the new leadership of Patricia, Manisha, and Annie.

So let’s find out more about our new leads:

Patricia Hughes

Patricia, known as Trish, is an experienced nurse and specialist in Haematology. Trish has worked as Director of Nursing at NHS England and the Northern Care Alliance. Being passionate about the digital agenda, Trish has provided senior nursing expertise to the Shuri Network, the first NHS and care network of women from minority ethnic groups in digital health.

Patricia says: “I have always been a champion for inequalities in health and used my influence and voice to make a difference. I’m looking forward  to continuing to make a positive impact on the race inequalities agenda.”

Manisha Sheth

Manisha is experienced in supporting and advocating for ethnically diverse families during pregnancy and beyond. As well as training maternity staff to provide culturally sensitive and safe care, she is also an infant loss bereavement counsellor and co-founded an organisation that supports Muslim and Polish-speaking families through maternity care in Nottinghamshire.

Manisha says: “I’m grateful to be a part of this amazing programme to help create much-needed change for families in Nottingham and reduce the disparities that currently exist.”

Annie Alleyne

Annie has worked at Nottingham CityCare for more than 10 years and has been Chair of the Ethnic Equality Staff Network since 2022. As part of the staff network Annie has advocated for staff form ethnically diverse backgrounds, progressed the EDI strategy and influence change across CityCare. She is embarking on ILM level 5 training in coaching and mentoring this year.

Annie says: “My mantra is: “to make as positive a difference, to as many people’s lives as possible”. I’m eager to start working with communities and partner organisations to redress the balance of health inequalities currently being experienced by marginalised groups and individuals in Nottingham.”