Getting involved

We are committed to ensuring the views of patients, carers, stakeholders, partner organisations and the wider community are represented in decisions about how services are proposed, planned and delivered.

You can find out more about how people and communities were involved in the development of the Integrated Care Strategy here.

To view Nottingham and Nottinghamshire ICB Working with People and Communities Annual Report March 2022-April 2023 please click here.

Listed below are just some of the ways that patients and the public are currently being involved in this work. More information on these and other engagement programmes can be found here.

Citizen’s Panel

This is aimed at engaging members of the public in the future of local health and care services. Initially recruiting from people living within the Nottingham City area, the Panel is an important opportunity for people to have their say on a wide range of health and care topics, helping us plan for future services. If this pilot scheme is successful, the intention is to broaden membership out to other parts of the area we are responsible for.

Find out more or contact 


This is when people who use services and carers are valued as equal partners, can share power and have real influence over decisions made. It happens when people and carers are included from the start to the end of any project that affects them. People with lived experience and system partners have developed an approach to co-production as part of a commitment to involve people at the heart of all we do. Over the coming months, co-production with people with lived experience will be crucial to designing solutions to the challenges we face. If you would like to get involved in developing solutions and designing future care and support as equal partners alongside our teams, contact:

Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) Alliance

The VCSE Alliance is a group of local representatives of national and regional VCSE organisations that are being brought together as a single point of contact, to generate citizen intelligence from the groups and communities they work with. This vital insight is then going to be shared across the Nottingham and Nottinghamshire ICS, to ensure that the experiences and views of our citizens are considered in the design and delivery of health and social care services in the region, and to enable an effective two-way flow of information. All Nottingham and Nottinghamshire VCSE organisations are welcome to join the Alliance, and all members – from the largest to the smallest voluntary organisations – will act as equal partners within it. If you would like your VCSE organisation to be involved, please contact:  

You can find out more about the engagement activities that took place to help shape the Integrated Care Strategy here.