Big Green Book
antonia February 22, 2024

Explore free nature-based groups and activities with the Rushcliffe Big Green Book

The third edition of a directory that details nature-based activity providers and green spaces in Rushcliffe is now available to encourage more people to explore local nature and improve their mental and physical health.

The Rushcliffe Big Green Book gives a wealth of local contacts and information to help groups and individuals find great new health and wellbeing opportunities on their doorstep in the Borough.

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It features a range of activities such as walking routes, cycling and exercise groups, coffee meetups, wildlife and environmental links, gardening, allotment, food sharing and leisure opportunities at local waterways, parks and open spaces.

There is also additional information on staying active, building strength and details on the health benefits of physical activity including improved sleep, maintaining a healthy weight, managing stress and more.

The concept is designed to be used by social prescribers and healthcare workers who want to find activities for their patients, as well as individuals who are looking for local community groups to get involved in.

It has been developed as part of the GreenSpace Green Social Prescribing Project that focuses on improving people’s mental health, in line with the national Green Social Prescribing initiative.

Green Social Prescribing provides a way of connecting people to nature-based activities and green groups, projects and schemes in their local community for support with health and wellbeing.

More here: Explore free nature-based groups and activities with the Rushcliffe Big Green Book – Rushcliffe Borough Council