Our vision

Our vision

Our vision is that:

“Our neighbourhoods, places and system will seamlessly integrate to provide joined up care. Every citizen will enjoy their best possible health and wellbeing.”

Our goals

In order to realise our vision, we must deliver each of the following goals effectively and efficiently:

  • Serve 1.2m people
  • Support 70,000 staff in NHS and social care roles
  • Integrate GP Practices into 23 Primary Care Networks (PCNs)
  • Create four Place Based Partnerships (PBPs)
  • Develop a Provider Collaborative at scale
  • Manage an annual budget of over £3 billion for the commissioning and provision of health and care services.

Our ICS family

The organisations and professionals that have come together to form our ICS are now part of a family and will work together to achieve our goals.

All parts of our family have different and vital roles, all rely on each other to maximise their potential, and all are equally valued.

Our approach

In order to meet the care needs of everyone living in Nottinghamshire, our ICS operates at neighbourhood, place and whole system levels.

At each of these levels, plans for care can be tailored to the specific needs of the local population.

Across Nottinghamshire we have identified 23 neighbourhoods and four places, in addition to our single system.

Neighbourhood: Every neighbourhood covers approximately 25-50,000 citizens. They will each be served by an integrated primary care network (PCN) comprised of general practice, community pharmacy, dentistry and opticians.

Place: Every place covers approximately 250-500,000 citizens. They will each be served by a Health and Wellbeing Board and a Place-based Partnership, which is made up of NHS Trusts, local authorities, primary care and others.

System: This covers all 1.2 million people living in Nottinghamshire and is served by a Provider Collaborative. This is made up of NHS trusts and other providers as appropriate.

Further information about how ICSs work can be found via The Kings Fund.